School’s out!

We offer school pupils an exhilarating memorable outdoor learning experience at Gartan Outdoor Education and Training Centre.

Pupils can participate in fun adventure sports activities at the centre or on nearby mountains, beaches and coastlines.

In addition using workshops and field studies classes can focus on subject or skills areas.

Our school tours and workshop programmes may be delivered on a half day, full day or residential basis.

Programme options for school tours or outdoor educational workshops include:-

  • Multi-Activity Adventure Programmes
  • Geography/Biology/Ecology Field Studies
  • Cross Curricular Links to Well-being and PE
  • Gaisce Bronze and Silver Awards
  • Skills courses and National Governing Bodies of sport (NGB) Certification

Please advise us of your needs and together we can develop an appropriate programme.

Our indoor and outdoor multi- activity adventure programmes may include Sailing, Kayaking, Canoeing, Surfing, Coasteering, Camping, Raft Building, Mudrun and Obstacle Courses, Indoor Climbing, Indoor Archery, Mountain Biking, Orienteering and Hill Walking in Donegal.

We can provide certification in a range of the outdoor adventure activities listed above.

N.B. Schools can select activities and design a programme that meets their needs.

To discuss your programme GARTAN OETC in Donegal  Tel: 0749137032 or email: [email protected]














Programmes Options include:

  • Multi-Activity Adventure programmes
  • Curriculum based programmes  e.g.  Social, environmental and scientific education (SESE)
  • Outdoor Physical education programmes

Indoor and Outdoor multi-activity adventures may include kayaking and sailing (subject to age restrictions), canoeing,  archery, indoor wall climbing, obstacle course, night line, orienteering, team games and scavenger hunts.

We work collaboratively with schools to ensure programme needs are met.

Please contact Gartan OETC on 0749137032  or email: [email protected]