Adventure Camps

Gartan Outdoor Summer Camp

KIDS SUMMER CAMP 2017  (5-8 year olds) 

During this 5 day  fun-filled summer camp our Mini campers enjoy a range of exciting water and land based adventure activities. They try archery, indoor rock climbing and orienteering and even go on a troll hunt. They make smores over a campfire, canoe on a daily basis, try pontoon jumping on the lake and wade through muddy swamps!  This camp is non-residential.

2017 CAMP DATES: 3rd – 7th July,  10th – 14th July,  17th – 21st July, 24th-28th July,  31st July – 4th August,  7th – 11th August, 14th – 18th August.

CAMP TIMES: Monday – Friday  10am – 4pm daily.

COST:  €120 per person for the childhood adventures of a lifetime!


Gartan Outdoor Adventure Smmer Camp

ADVENTURE SUMMER CAMP 2017  (9 – 15 year olds)

During this 5 day high energy outdoor summer camp. Our Adventure Campers take to the water in kayaks and canoes. They complete a mud-run, undertake team orienteering sessions and compete in archery and indoor rock climbing sessions!  Weather permitting this camp may include a beach outing that guarantees exhilarating surfing, coasteering and/or pier jumping fun.  This camp is available on both a non-residential basis (day only) and on a residential (overnight) basis.

2017 CAMP DATES: 3rd – 7th July,  10th – 14th July,  17th – 21st July,  24th-28th July,  31st July – 4th August,  7th – 11th August, 14th – 18th August.

CAMP TIMES: Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm daily.

COST: €130 per person and we may have inspired our adventure campers to pursue a lifelong hobby!

The Residential adventure camps which include meals, evening activities and accommodation range from €265 – €465 per person. The age group ranges are 12-13 years, 14-16 years and 17 years.


Gartan Sailing Camp

SAILING SUMMER CAMP 2017 (9+ year olds) These 1, 2 and 3 day sailing camps are  fully accredited by the Irish Sailing Association (ISA).  Our Sailing Campers can achieve a recognised qualification.  

There are 3 consecutive courses, ranging in price from €45 – €130pp.

Beginners commence with  a 1 day ‘Taste of Sailing’ camp and progress to a 2 day ‘Start Sailing’ camp which culminates in a 3 day ‘Basic Sailing Skills’ camp.  Courses commence at 10am and finish at 4pm daily.

The first course is a Brief Introductory course ‘Taste of Sailing’ No knowledge or experience of sailing is required for this course.

The second sailing course is ‘Start Sailing’ and covers topics such as capsizing, tides, currents and weather conditions and their impact.

The third course is ‘Basic Sailing Skills’, by the end of this course the camper will be sailing on their own in light wind conditions without assistance. 


Each day campers must bring: 

Packed lunch

Towel/shower toiletries

Change of clothes

Second pair of old footwear/trainers

Plastic bag for wet clothes/towel


To book your place contact Gartan TEL: 0749137032 or E:  

A completed BOOKING FORM and a DEPOSIT/FULL PAYMENT will secure your place.  



Halloween Horrorienteering!!!!

Halloween Horrorienteering!!!!

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On an annual basis on All Hallows’ Eve we host our heinous HORRIENTEERING sessions at Gartan! Can you read a basic map? Can you run? Are you up for a thrilling experience in a deep dark forest? If you answered yes to any of the above then be brave and book your 1 hour HORRORIENTEERING session. These sessions are […]

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2016/17 Outdoor Trainee Instructor Caroline composes a song in celebration.

2016/17 Outdoor Trainee Instructor Caroline composes a song in celebration.

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We are delighted to have received this lovely endorsement from the talented Caroline Glackin. Caroline successfully completed the Donegal ETB 2016/17  Outdoor Activity Instructor Course. Caroline’s traineeship was based at Gartan OETC and she undertook training in sailing, emergency rescue, mountaineering skills, rock climbing, kayaking, powerboat operations and first aid. The closing date for the […]

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Let’s set sail!

Let’s set sail!

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Do you want to learn to sail? Gartan Outdoor Education and Training Centre are offering a series of Sailing Skills Courses for absolute beginners. All courses are certified and approved by the Irish Sailing Association (ISA). There are 3 consecutive courses in the series. The preliminary course is Taste of Sailing (1 day) followed by […]

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2017 Easter Adventures at Gartan

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This year we are offering two types of Easter Camp at Gartan. The 2017  Easter Adventure Camps are non residential. The camps can be booked for one, two, three or four days duration.   2017 Outdoor Adventurer and Explorer Camp dates are: Monday 10th – Thursday 13th April Tuesday 18th – Friday 21st April    Both […]

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Learn To Kayak 2017

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Learn to Kayak in only 4 hours!  Gartan Lough is the beautiful setting for our  ‘Learn to kayak’ sessions. This is a wonderful opportunity to become more proficient at kayaking during your leisure time.  Sessions have been scheduled around adults who may be working during the day. The sessions are run over two evening for […]

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