Feedback from our Trainee Outdoor Instructors

Here are some comments from individuals who successfully completed the Outdoor Activity Instructor Course at Gartan OETC:

This course has changed my perspective on what I want to do with my life, with the places we have seen and the people we have met I couldn’t imagine myself in any other line of work. Overall it was a fantastic experience and I would advise any man or woman to do it. And thanks to all the instructors for the great time, couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of lads for the journey!!

-Bryan McGinley

Hard to know where to start. Having a bunch of random, inexperienced people come together and achieve what we achieved is something that a lot of people don’t get to experience. I think this course teaches you a lot about yourself, makes you accomplish things that you never thought were possible, mentally and physically. Best life experience so far!

-Michael Gallagher

I was interested in the outdoor pursuits industry and did some research on ways of getting involved and by chance came across this course which turned to be even better than I imagined You’ll be trained by the best and they will not go easy on you when they’re finished you’ll be competent confident and eager to do more. My favourite memory from the course would have to be the time we all went to Malin Beg for a climbing weekend we had a fire going and we were singing songs into the wee hours of the morning its then I realised that every other person on the course including the instructors themselves had become my friend and I couldn’t find a bad thing to say about any of them I couldn’t off asked for a better crowd to of done it with and can’t wait to continue kayaking climbing surfing and partying with them in the future.

-Darren mc Laughlin

The course pushed me, in so many ways, mentally, physically and emotionally, but now that’s its finished I know I am made of tougher stuff and ‘no’ will be a word I try to eradicate from my vocabulary! The Instructors were awesome and really make the course what it is!

-Kate Kahier

An awesome learning experience that helped me overcome my fear of heights and water. Thank you!

-Conor O Braonain

It was an amazing year where I met some great people and learned some cool stuff, would highly recommend it to anyone!

-Declan Mc Ginley

This year was pretty magic. We did some of the most amazing things. Stuff that I would not even comprehend as possible and if normal people heard what we were doing they would think that we were nuts,  which is fair because that’s what I used to think, but I have seen the other side, felt the rush and got enough.

-Ciaran O’ Donnell

I look at my year in Gartan as life changing. With the help of my instructors, my peers and a positive attitude, this adventurous yet challenging year has made me overcome my fears dramatically and given me the confidence to overcome any other problems that I may encounter. I have made a lot of close friends during the course and I have been fortunate to experience more than other people may have in a lifetime. My fitness has improved and I’ve found that I am now more health conscious. It has also given me a new appreciation of the outdoors and in Ireland, especially my own county, Donegal. I would recommend this course and all of its activities to anybody for a better way of life.

-Breege Ferry

We stood alone at the beginning of this adventure all with the same goal, to become qualified Outdoor Activity Instructors. We stand now together, successfully graduated in this field. The journey we shared was incredible, and we have all emerged professionally ready to constructively use the skills gained to strengthen and improve the current Outdoor Activity structure already in place in Ireland. It is mainly down to our own input that we have come out of this course productively, but it would not have been possible if it weren’t for the magnificent training we obtained through Gartan OEC and the calibre of its accomplished staff!

-Michael Maguire.


The next intake is October 2018. For more information please follow us on facebook and twitter.